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Menthol Crystal

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White Crystalline Solid

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25kg/Woven Bag

Brief Overview

Menthol, particularly l-menthol, is an important substance widely used in the field of, for example, food additives, drug components, cosmetics, fragrances and medicines. l-Menthol is the main component of the mentha oils from Mentha an/ensis and Mentha piperita.


Manufacturing Process

Menthol is generally obtained from the crude mentha oil by crystallization. Depending on the crystallization method and the starting material, the crystals differ in terms of taste, size and shape. Residual liquid mentha oil adhering to the menthol crystals obtained from mentha oils affects the sensory profile of the crystals. A method for purifying l-menthol is by crystallization of l-menthol from the crude mentha oil by gradually reducing temperature in the crystallizer.  Fluid then passes over the l-menthol crystals to remove residual oil and impurities, wherein purified l-menthol crystals of at least 98% purity by weight are obtained. The purified l-menthol crystals is melted to be removed from the crystallizer and cooled into a dried, solid l-menthol product out of the crystallizer. This method is performed in a closed system without human contact with the crude mentha oil or the l-menthol.

Food and Beverage Industry

Menthol Crystals can be used as a flavor and fragrance agent in beverages and food such as in chewing gums, candy, confectionery.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Menthol Crystals can be used as a flavor and fragrance agent in cough medicines.


Cosmetic Industries

Menthol Crystals is used as a denaturant, flavoring agent and fragrance ingredient in the formulation of a wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products such as in soap, bath, aqueous cream.


Other Applications

Menthol Crystals is also used in various toothpaste, cigarettes.

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