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L-Lysine Sulfate

L-Lysine Sulfate in Tradeasia


(2S)-2,6-diaminohexanoic acid sulfuric acid

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Light Amber, Solid Pellet

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Brief Overview

Out of the 20 L-amino acids, ecumenically found in most living organisms, L-lysine an essential amino acid for human and animal nutrition out of the 9 amino acids. L-lysine is useful as medicament, chemical agent, food material (food industry) and feed additive (animal food). Demand for l-lysine has been steadily increasing in recent years. Lysine sulphate, the sulphate salt of lysine along with fermentation by-products, is 51% L-lysine (as free L-lysine). It does not only contain lysine but also by-products, such as essential amino acid and carbohydrate. Lysine Sulphate can be used instead of traditional L-lysine HCL as a livestock feed additive


Manufacturing Process

The fermentation medium can be inoculated into the fermentation vessel by using standard microbiological practices which are known to those with ordinary skills in microbiology. The fermentation vessel should be equipped with a stirrer, a ventilation system, and a temperature control device to maintain the fermentation at about 30℃. and preferably at 32℃. The fermentation is carried out until the L-Lysine base concentration is about 92 g/l (grams per liter) and the total dry solids is about 218 g/l. Aseptic techniques should be observed throughout the fermentation process to avoid a contamination of the fermentation broth with non-L-Lysine producing organisms.

Food Industry

L-Lysine Sulfate is widely used as nutritional supplement to fortify Lysine, flavor enhancer to improve flavor in food production.


Beverage Industry

L-Lysine Sulfate is widely used as nutritional supplement in beverage. It provides nutrients in mayonnaise and milk.


Pharmaceutical Industry

L-Lysine Sulfate is widely used as Nervous system drugs and Nutritional therapy in Pharmaceutical.


Agriculture, Animal and Poultry Industry

L-Lysine Sulfate is widely used as nutritional supplement in Agriculture/Animal Feed. It improves growth in pig feed, poultry feed, fish feed and egg production.


Other Applications

L-Lysine Sulfate is widely used as intermediate in various other industries. It is used to manufacture various organic chemicals.

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