• D-Glucono-1,5-lactone
  • 2918.16.90
  • C6H10O6
  • Colorless crystals or white granular powder
  • 90-80-2
  • 25kg/bag
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  • Food preservative
  • Acidulants

Brief Overview

Glucono delta lactone (GDL) or D-gluconic acid lactone is a natural organic acid that is used as a leavening agent in food additive. It works with the help of sodium bicarbonate by fully activated using oven heat. GDL is a key component used in the production of sweet baked goods, like cakes and muffins. It is popular since its tartness level is lower than other acidifiers.


Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process involved direct crystallization from aqueous solution of gluconic acid. The first step was to remove the water from gluconic acid which involved azeotropic distillation with alcohols and followed by crystallization from the alcohol-containing residue. The crystalized particle, which was the glucono delta lactone, that was form at the end of the process was kept at room temperature.

Food Industry  

Glucono delta lactone is used as a preservative to preserve food from spoilage by enzymes and microorganisms. It is also used in baking and bakery products as leaving agent . Glucono delta lactone controls the pH and acts as coagulant in tofu. Glucono delta lactone can be found in fruit juices, royal jelly, honey, and wine. 


Cosmetics Industry  

In cosmetics industry, glucono delta lactone is used as skin buffer and moisturizer. 

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