Gluconic Acid

Gluconic Acid

  • Pentahydroxyhexanoic acid
  • 2918.16.00
  • C6H12O7
  • Colorless Liquid
  • 526-95-4
  • Dextronic acid
  • 250kg Plastic Drum
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Food Grade 50%
Not Specified



  • Food preservative
  • Flavor Enhancer

Brief Overview

Gluconic acid is produced from dextrose which is a part of glucose group. This substance occurs naturally in fruit and honey used. The used of gluconic acid in food is as an acidity regulator and raising agent. In addition, gluconic acid can help to prevent urinary stone disease and intestinal microflora activity promotion. The physical appearance of gluconic acid is a colorless to yellowish powder which highly soluble in water.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process started by reacting a glucose mash active cultures of gluconic acid-producing fungi, such as penicillium. Neutralizing agent, such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, was also added to the mixture. The next step was to conduct a fermentation reaction in low temperature and high pressure. The final product of the fermentation yielded a gluconic acid solution. The solution was then underwent a purification and crystallization process to form a powder of gluconic acid.

Food Industry  

Gluconic acid is mainly used as a component of leavening agent in baked goods and foods such as meat, wine and dairy. It is also used as a pickling agent, pH control agent, and sequestrant. Gluconic acid is popularly used as a flavoring agent and can reduce fat absorption in doughnuts and cones. 

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