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Annatto Extract

Annatto Extract in Tradeasia


Bixa Orellana Extract

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Red Powder

Common Names

Annatto Extract, Alpha Norbixin, Bixa Orellana Extract, Anchiote Extract


25 Kg Bag

Brief Overview 

Annatto extract is an orange-red condiment extracted from the seeds of the achiote tree. The seeds originate from Brazil and Mexico and thrive in tropical climates. Besides the vibrant colors it imparts, annatto extract has a nutty, peppery taste. Hence, it is popular in the food industry as it can be incorporated into food in various ways. Its naturally occurring color is also used in the textile industry as dye. The main component of annatto extract is bixin and norbixin, which contributes to the vibrant orange-red color it imparts.

Manufacturing Process

Bixa Orellana seeds are obtained and dissolved in a solvent to release the annatto extract in the seeds. Filtration is then carried out to remove the insoluble materials in the extract. After which, the filtrate undergoes processing to remove wax and fats. Subsequent processing involves the removal of fats and waxes, solvent removal, crystallization, and drying.


Food Industry

Annatto extract is commonly used in food products as food coloring to improve the appearance of food. It is also used as a spice as it imparts a nutty, peppery taste.

Textile Industry

In the textile industry, annatto extract is used to make fabric dye.


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