Liquid Glucose

Liquid Glucose

  • Liquid Glucose
  • 1702.30.10
  • C6H12O6
  • Clear viscous syrup
  • 8029-43-4
  • Corn Syrup, Glucose syrup, Hydrolyzed starch syrups
  • 60 @ 250 kg Plastic  Drum
    15 MT / 20'FCL
    60 @ 250 kg Plastic  Drum
    15 MT / 20'FCL
    60 @ 250 kg Plastic  Drum
    15 MT / 20'FCL
    60 @ 250 kg Plastic  Drum
    15 MT / 20'FCL
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  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Sweetener

Brief Overview

Liquid glucose is colorless or light yellow, viscous syrup that is derived from purified corn starch through hydrolysis by the double enzyme method, decoloration, ion exchange and purification. It has a moderately sweet flavor and is a starch sugar product that is widely used in the food industry. Liquid glucose has high viscosity, humidity, sweetness and pervasion. It also has such advantages as anti-crystallinity and a lower freezing point. It is widely used in candy and beverages.


Manufacturing Process

Glucose is produced commercially via the enzymatic hydrolysis of starch. Many crops can be used as the source of starch. Most commercial glucose occurs as a component of invert sugar, a roughly 1:1 mixture of glucose and fructose.

Food Industry

Liquid glucose is used as an additive in sweets, ice creams, jams, jellies, biscuits, liquors because it does not crystallize and has moderate sweetness and nutritive value. It also forms the base of artificial honey.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Glucose is used in cough syrups and other vitamin based tonics. It is used as granulating agent in tablet coating.


Other Applications

It is used in the manufacturing of shoe polish and in leather industries during tanning process. It is used as a raw material for gluconic acid, citric acid and kojic acid.

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