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A Sodium Bicarbonate Daily Dose Can Cure Autoimmune Disease

One solution to treating autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis might be a primary ingredient stored in your kitchen. In a research it has studied that the common name baking soda called sodium bicarbonate produced an anti-inflammatory spleen environment, indicating that drinking it daily can minimize the inflammatory that can lead to autoimmune diseases that means when healthy cells are mistakenly attacked by the immune system.

For two weeks, a baking soda solution i.e water and sodium bicarbonate was ingested by healthy people, causing their stomachs to produce more acid, which helped them digest the next meal. Another result was also noted by scientists: the baking soda seemed to indicate to the mesothelial cells of the spleen which cover organs with a slick, defensive surface that there was no need for the fist-sized organ to go into a defensive reaction.

Mesothelial cells avoid the rubbing of the organs together. Rubbing induces inflammation and thus causes your immune system to react to a foreign object, or in this case, another organ, perceived invasion. The mesothelial cells are helped in order to inform the spleen that is part of your lymphatic system to decrease its immune system by drinking bicarbonate of soda.

Having a drink of sodium bicarbonate solution also altered the concentration of macrophages, the immune system’s white blood cells that devour foreign forces, so that overall they became more anti-inflammatory. The change from an inflammatory state to an anti-inflammatory state happens everywhere. It is also seen in the liver, in the spleen, and also in peripheral blood.

As a result of sodium bicarbonate, researchers saw changes in other healthy cells in the human body. As the T cells in the human body seemed to be present, baking soda reduces the immune response and shields the immune system from self-attack. In individuals drinking baking soda solution, both of these improvements lasted for four hours.

Drinking baking soda one day would produce equivalent outcomes for people with autoimmune diseases. It may be a very healthy way of treating inflammatory diseases.

The following are a few suggestions about how to apply this cheap and simple solution to your everyday routine.

  1. It is safer to take the sodium bicarbonate on an empty stomach, but shouldn’t be consumed in the morning. Partially digested molecules will leak into your gut if you use baking soda with food. We must have it in the afternoon before lunch or post-dinner.

  2. Start with a tablespoon of 1/8 and work up to a tablespoon of ¼. Be conscious that it can induce negative side effects, even a heart attack or hyper alkalosis if your blood is still alkaline and you drink too much sodium bicarbonate.

  3. Get ready about the sodium levels. Before beginning a baking soda regimen, if you experience rapid heartbeats or find any other medical problems, then you must first have a doctor check your sugar levels.

  4. Serious care when you’re on a thyroid prescribed medication: You can not absorb the medicine if you are taking vitamins or thyroid supplements. They should be perfect in combination with sodium bicarbonate unless your sodium tablets require acidity to function.
  5. Follow the shatterproof solution: Since most people already have higher sodium levels in their body, using potassium bicarbonate instead of sodium bicarbonate is the shatterproof solution. One type is a potassium derivative, as their names indicate, the other is composed of sodium. A little bit of both can be used, just make sure it’s not more than a pinch.

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